Take Complete Care Of Your Cast Iron Cookware With This Video Guide

Take Complete Care Of Your Cast Iron Cookware With This Video Guide

Cast-iron cookware will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. We’ve shown you how to clean, how to season and the best oils to use. This video from America’s Test Kitchen combines everything into one package .

ATK suggests one of our favourite methods: sprinkle in some salt, grab a pair of tongs, and use the salt as the abrasive to clean everything out. Rinse under warm or hot water (scrub with a soft bristled brush if you have to), and you’re done. Avoid using dishwashing liquid since that can break down the seasoning. You also don’t want to let your cast iron soak ever, since it will rust.

Then, to keep the seasoning healthy, add a little oil to the pan and rub it around until the excess oil is absorbed or on your paper towel. Put it back on the heat for a little while or — my favourite method — toss it in the still-warm oven and forget about it. These simple techniques are kitchen staples, and can bring new life to a worn and damaged pan and help you keep your seasoned ones in good shape. Even if it’s old news for you, this one video might help your kitchen-challenged friend avoid ruining his or her cookware.

How to Properly Season and Care for Cast Iron Cookware [America’s Test Kitchen]

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