Take Beautiful Headshots With A Cheap Lighting Setup

Peter Hurley is famous for his headshot photography. If you'd like to take photos in his style without the investment in high-end gear, this tutorial from SLR Lounge will show you how to get that square lighting on the cheap.

The goal was to focus strong light forward onto the subject's face while using light modifiers to soften the light. To that end, SLR Lounge used an Einstein with Parabolic Modifier for the primary light and a three-reflector setup, but note that you could also just use a pocket strobe and an umbrella for your main light if you have a smaller budget. A background light is optional.

Check out the full post below for additional details. With this setup, you could get shots that look like this:

Take Beautiful Headshots à la Peter Hurley with a Cheap Lighting Setup

Peter Hurley Style Headshot on the Cheap! Headshot Lighting with a Strobe and Reflectors [SLR Lounge]


    You could mimick that "Einstein" with a few cheap work lights from Home Depot with parchment paper over the faces for diffusion. It would cost 20-30 bucks.

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