Spoiler Shield Blocks Annoying Spoilers On Twitter And Facebook

Spoiler Shield Blocks Annoying Spoilers On Twitter And Facebook
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iPhone: Nobody likes accidentally coming across a spoiler on social meda for their favourite show. Spoiler Shield is an app that prevents spoilers by blocking mentions of popular shows and games on Facebook and Twitter.

To set up Spoiler Shield, you simply add your Facebook and Twitter accounts, then select any “shields” you want for shows or games. Then, you use Spoiler Shield to browse your social media feeds. When the app comes across a spoiler, it blocks it. This doesn’t affect your social media experience in other apps or online, but we’ve shown you a few ways to block those spoilers as well.

Spoiler Shield (free) [iTunes App Store via The Next Web]


  • this is genius!! the amount otimes ie got spoilers. GRRRR . so I just avoid facebook n twitter until I watched it. this could be a big help!

  • Am I the only one who thinks that being sensitive about spoilers is a bit immature? I mean surely as an adult you can find something more to appreciate about a movie or a game than just the exact outcome of the plot.

    I once had a girlfriend who was so sensitive that she once stuck her fingers in her ears when I said something along the lines of “Well I believe that ‘Ghost Busters’ is a movie about a bunch of guys who… bust ghosts.”

    I can understand if the plot twist is the whole point of the movie, such as in ‘The Sixth Sense’, but otherwise I honestly regard it as being a bit childish.

    • I disagree. Sure, not wanting to hear the basic plot is a bit dumb, but personally I like to watch plots unfold and see all the twists and turns a story takes for myself, I don’t want someone to tell me some big event that is coming, because it ruins all the suspense that leads up to it. It won’t ruin my enjoyment of the show/movie/book, of course, but I would still rather not know and find it out for myself, it’s a lot more fun that way 🙂

      • See, that’s fine, the way you put it sounds reasonable. It’s when people huff and get annoyed as if you’ve completely ruined the movie, as if there would be absolutely no point of watching it any more and they wouldn’t even enjoy it if they did that I have a problem with.

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