SMS WakeUp Shows Your Texts On Screen When You Receive Them

SMS WakeUp Shows Your Texts on Screen When You Receive Them

Android: If you're coming to Google's platform from the iPhone, one of the most jarring changes is that receiving text messages doesn't turn your display on so you can see what's being said. SMS WakeUp fixes this problem.

The app has a very simple purpose: when you receive a text message, the display will turn on for a moment, showing a pop-up that allows you to jump directly to the message itself. Alternatively, with the pro version ($0.99), you can disable the pop-up so you'll only see your lockscreen, where you'll be able to watch the regular Android notification as it scrolls past in the shade, completely hands-free.

SMS WakeUp (free) [Google Play] SMS WakeUp Pro ($0.99) [Google Play via WonderHowTo]


    SMSAwake shows the whole message straight away and is completely free.

    GlowFly is a great app for this and allows you to reply in the popup.
    It also comes in ICS or JB styling.

    I actually just created a tasker event for my HTC one

    i never understood this about iphones.
    numerous times with other peoples iphones in front of me on a desk or whatever an sms has popped up ive been able to read it.
    not something id want happening on my phone thats for sure.

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