Simplenote Brings Excellent Synchronised Plain Text Notes To The Mac

Simplenote Brings Excellent Synchronised Plain Text Notes to the Mac

Mac: We've long been fans of Simplenote, the great syncing notetaker for iPhone, recently Android, and now OS X. It makes keeping track of little bits of text easy, providing a more minimalistic approach than the much-loved everything bucket Evernote. Now all the features you loved on your smartphone and tablet have come to the Mac.

For a long time, Simplenote functioned just fine on the Mac through an application called Notational Velocity. The downside with Notational Velocity, however, is that it can't sync every detail of a note (such as bold and italic styling) or take advantage of some of Simplenote's nicer services like automatic versioning. If you've used Simplenote before, downloading the free app is a no-brainer. Otherwise, you should check it out if you're looking for something minimal yet highly functional for minimal note capture.

Simplenote (Free) [Mac App Store via Hackerspace]


    I'll stick with nvALT - it offers an additional FIND feature on every note page which is indispensable. When I hit Return, nvALT finds and highlights the term within the current note.

    I installed SimpleNote for Mac and although it's GUI is nice, it won't home in nor find nor highlight my search queries, rendering it entirely useless for this user.

    Whoops, just discovered the identical functionality in the new Simplenote GUI. Scratch my last post, sorry 'bout that.

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