Share To Facebook And Twitter On The Weekends For More Viewers

Share to Facebook and Twitter on the Weekends for More Viewers

Wondering why your brilliant blog post or inspired Instagram photo isn't doing so well? It may be your timing.

While there's no 100 per cent guaranteed way to boost performance of something you share online, there are better times to do it than others. For sharing to social media sites, the Buffer app blog suggests that the weekend (and days leading up to it) are the best time to get a response. The site also highlights the best time to send emails and submit blog posts. Check out the source link for the full rundown.

A scientific guide to posting Tweets, Facebook posts, Emails and Blog posts at the best time [Buffer App Blog]


    I've personally found sharing things mid-week works better, but this is more a personal thing. I'm sure everyone's experiences will be different depending on who follows them.

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