Register More Than Five Fingerprints On Your iPhone 5s

Those of you with a new iPhone 5s will have already started adding multiple fingerprints to conveniently unlock your phone and enter your Apple ID password with just a touch. The problem? Apple only allows you to store five fingerprints — unless you use this workaround.

When you store fingerprint data, Apple tells you to repeatedly place one finger on the home button and repeatedly tap until it gets a clear picture. Rather than following directions, YouTuber Note Suwanchote found that you can just alternate throughout your entire hand with each tap in order to store them all. While it takes quite a bit longer, you can fit an entire hand’s worth of fingerprints into one storage spot, allowing you to store (potentially) up to 25 prints. We don’t know what kind of impact this has on security, and if it confuses iOS enough to allow other people’s fingers to unlock your phone, but it seems relatively useful if you want to unlock your device with any of your 10 digits.

Check out the video above to see this tip in action.

How to register more than five fingerprints on the iPhone 5s [IT World]


  • wouldnt the multiple scan and confirm be so that It gets a clear picture, and if you then use multiple fingers then your confusing the crap out of it. Surely this would make it troublesome to unlock if you dont get an accurate read on the finger and it has only one sample to go by.

    And the other strange thing is why doesn’t the software compare the confirmation to ensure its close enough to the original ? My thinkpad fingerprint reader used to do this.

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