Reeder 2 Brings Back iPad Compatibility, Adds Support For Feedly

Reeder 2 Brings Back iPad Compatibility, Support for Feedly, and More

iOS: Reeder has long been our favourite news reader app for the iPhone, but when Google Reader went under the app's future was a little uncertain. Now a brand new version has hit the app store and it includes lots of new features, including universal support for both the iPad and iPhone.

This brand new version of Reeder comes packed with a bunch of new gestures for control, as well as new view modes to control what you see. It now has support for Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, Feedly, and Fever, as well as local RSS feeds. Otherwise, it's the same great looking and powerful Reeder that it was before. This isn't a free update, so if you've previously purchased Reeder you'll need to buy it again.

Reeder 2 ($5.49) [iTunes App Store]


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