Red Bull Goes Carb-Free

Red Bull Goes Carb-Free

Red Bull Zero is the latest soft drink manufacturer to jump on the health-and-fitness bandwagon. The familiar-sounding Red Bull Zero promises a “fresh twist” on the taste of regular Red Bull with no carbohydrates, no sugar and fewer calories than the existing sugar-free version.

“Our consumers are becoming more health conscious. Now consumers are seeking out a zero carbs, low calorie option in addition to the existing low sugar/sugar free choices in the drink market,” the Aussie offshoot of the Austrian-based company explained.

“Red Bull Zero answers this consumer need by offering a premium new energy drink with zero carbs, zero sugar and low calories.”

The new beverage also has a “new fuller flavour”, whatever that means. The new product will be sold in single 250ml and 473ml can variants as well as 250ml four-packs.

One curious anomaly is the presence of 10 calories — international versions of the drink boast zero calories. Presumably this has something to do with the artificial sweeteners used which can differ from country to country.

While we’re not surprised to see Red Bull pushing out another diet-friendly option, the name does raise an eyebrow: you’d think Coke would have used its legal clout to stitch the “zero” branding up firmly for its own products. Now its going to look like a copycat if it decides to launch a Mother Zero. (Although if we’re splitting hairs, Mother wouldn’t even exist without the invention of Red Bull.)

According to Red Bull, its products are chiefly designed for top athletes, students, busy professionals and travellers on long journeys. We wonder which category Jagerbomb fans fit into. In any event, we’ll be sure to include the new carb-free version of Red Bull in our diet soft drink taste-test roundup, coming soon…


  • It’s actually not bad. Kind of watery and tasteless but doesn’t have that overpowering taste of what you imagine blue toilet chemicals to taste like that the sugar free one has.

  • YES! The more sugar free entries into the market the more competition and the more sweet sweet caffeine into my receptors.

  • I hated it…tasted like they half filled the can with Red Bull then topped it up with water…bleh

  • I tried this when I was in the US earlier in the year. It wasn’t bad, but then again, it was mixed with about 50% vodka, so…

  • Pretty sure that removing the carbs and the sugar is basically removing the whole point of the drink

    It’s supposed to be an energy drink! i.e Carbs and Sugar

  • I swear it’s actually so delicious I’m addicted to this..and any other form of red bull <3

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