Prevent Your Bed's Headboard From Banging Up Against The Wall

Prevent Your Bed's Headboard from Banging Up Against the Wall

We designed beds for sleep, but we use them for other things too. When not entirely still, the headboard can create a lot of noise with even a slight movement. If you find this annoying, Instructables user pcmofo has a great fix.

He found that the headboard issue stemmed from two problems: baseboard keeping it from sitting flush with the wall — the issue most of us face — and having a free-standing headboard — something a little more specific. He solved the problem by putting felt protectors on the back of the headboard. He found ones with screws so he could drill them into the back of the bed and essentially extend the reach of the top of the headboard so, for all intents and purposes, it was flush with the wall. To solve the detached headboard he just attached it to the bed.

So if you find that your vigorous sex life or intense laptop use creates some unwanted wall noise, you now have a way to fix it.

Stop your headboard from banging against the wall [Instructables]


    Can't this setup still swing away from the wall then come back with a thud?

    Yes. Nothing short of attaching it to the wall will stop the thud.

    Adam dachis finally finding a use for his personal work here on lifehacker.

    This is why I use a sex swing ;-)

      You'd still need some on the ceiling, just in case you swing too high.

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