Pour Grease Into Eggshells When Frying Bacon And Eggs For Easy Cleanup

Pour Grease into Eggshells When Frying Bacon and Eggs for Easy Cleanup

Like making a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs? You need to do something with that bacon grease afterwards. Redditor photolouis suggests using the empty eggshells for cleanup.

Photo by Vicki Arnold .

Getting rid of bacon grease is messy. If you put the empty egg shells back in the carton, you can use a couple of them to pour out the grease from the pan. Any drips are caught by the carton. Once it's cooled down, you can throw it away without fear of sticky spillage.

Some commenters on the thread noted that they like to save their bacon grease instead for cooking with later. If you save it to use, great. If you just want to toss it, now you have any easy method of disposal.

Frying bacon and eggs? Pour the grease into the empty egg shells [Reddit]


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