Organise Your Garage With This Six-Zone System

Organise Your Garage With This Six-Zone System

The garage is one of those areas that can easily become a cluttered, disorganised mess. To make your garage more usable and maximise storage space, take a look at this organising system.

As all neat freaks know, “a place for everything and everything in its place” is the key to staying organised. This six-zone system suggested by EasyCloset’s Inspired Organisation blog follows that mantra by setting up distinct zones for different purposes, such as outdoor gear and bulk storage. The zones are also ordered according to how often you might need to reach them. The zones are:

  1. Transition Zone: Shoes, jackets, bags and other stuff you grab before leaving the house.
  2. Need It Now: Everyday stuff like canned food, bulk food items and large packs of paper towels.
  3. Long, Tall, Thin Storage: Rakes, shovels and similar garden gear to be hung on the walls.
  4. Large Item Storage: Things like Christmas decorations and camping gear that are rarely used.
  5. Frequently Used Items: Outdoor gear and sports equipment placed near the garage door for easy access.
  6. Workspace: A workbench and cabinets for your hobby, whether it’s gardening or woodworking.

These are all just suggestions, and the zones you might need may differ. Still, it’s a template you can use to get your garage organised so you can actually find what you need in there when you need it.

6 Garage Zones for Maximum Organisation [Inspired Organisation]


  • I suggest that you get more “workspace area”. You also have way to much in the way of “garden hanging” locations. Using some more versatile hanging and racking solutions would alleviate that and reduce the amount of space required for slot 3.

    • Agreed. 3 is far too large. I mean how many different rakes and shovels can you possibly have.

      5 and 3 should also be swapped. To pick up any category 5 items, you need to double back if you want to put them in the car.

      Also, why split 3 and 5 on opposite sides of the garage? Required unnecessary effort if you need a sporting item from 5a and another from 5b. Clearly these should be side by side.

      • Obviously not a rake and shovel enthusiast.

        I think 5 is closer to the garage door because these items tend to go in the back of the car.

  • Or otherwise if you live in western Sydney – park the car in the driveway and fill it up with crap. I know very few households with a car in the garage and many without one.

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