Older People Have Fewer Hangovers

Older People Have Fewer Hangovers
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Rarely does news make me as happy as this. A study of 52,000 people suggests that as you get older, hangovers become less frequent.

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Business Insider reports that the study found older drinkers experienced fewer hangover symptoms following binge drinking. The explanation for why isn’t clear, and we can’t discount the possibility that as we get older, we define ‘binge drinking’ as a smaller amount.

This certainly does not mean that binge drinking is a good idea, but it does provide some compensation for getting older, methinks. If you have a bad hangover, check out our guide to hangover cure myths.

Hangovers Actually Get Better Later In Life [Business Insider]


  • So, it’s age!

    I was discussing this a few weeks ago with a mate, and we decided maybe the quality of wine we buy now is probably a bit better than years ago. Maybe we’ve built a resistance.

    Having said that, a ‘big’ night now takes me at least three days to get over. When you’re young you go to work the next day like nothing’s happened.

    • Yeah, my definition of ‘a big night’ has tamed considerably, and the after effects last for DAYS where I used to go to work the next day in my early 20s.

      Pretty confident part of it is probably knowing or being in the habit of making sure you have plenty of water along with your booze.

  • I wish that were true. The older I get, the longer I take to feel better after a drinking session. I drink less frequently as I get older though.
    I would assume the body’s tolerance to alcohol increases the longer you do it, which would reduce the hangover effects if you drink a lot in one session. I don’t drink even in a social sense much these days, so when I do, I know to expect pain in the morning 🙂

  • Wow! complete opposite in my case. When I started drinking the most I would get is feeling slightly seedy the next day.
    These days I have to watch how much I knock back or it’s a day of driving the porcelain bus!!

  • Havnt had a hangover in 15 years… Slightly Seedy at best. I think waking up with having had the drinking fairies nick all the money out of my wallet, tap dance on my head and taken a dump in my mouth cured me of Drinking to that level

  • Fewer brain cells left when you’re older :p

    But honestly, I wouldn’t put much stock into the research given that it’s based on what people report about their intake.

  • People who are still binge drinking in middle age would probably include a lot of alcoholics, so, as noted above, they would have developed a fair tolerance to the effects of alcohol.

  • nope, calling it bogus.
    my hangovers have never been worse, i want to crack open my skull and pour ice cold water directly onto my brain these days.

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