Nice Weather Is A Free, Minimalist Weather App For Android

Nice Weather Is a Free, Minimalist Weather App for Android

Android: If you're a fan of the flat, minimalist aesthetic that seems to be all the rage these days, Nice Weather delivers. Simple icons for the current weather conditions, a line graph for temperature over time, and a single colour to give you an instant idea of the forecast. It's simple and sharp with no added fluff.

Even if you're not a fan of minimal app design, Nice Weather is still worth a look. The colour of the background gives you an instant indication of what the forecast will be. There are two graphs at the bottom of the screen: the line graph shows you the temperature forecast for the whole day (with a dot to show you where you are now on the progression), and a second faded graph behind it shows you the chance of rain for the day and when it's the highest.

The app updates itself automatically (so you don't have to refresh), and it keeps your forecast cached so you can access it offline. Australian cities are included. Nice Weather is completely free, and available now at Google Play.

Nice Weather (Free) [Google Play]


    Doesn't use BOM data, therefore mostly pointless for Australia. Current temperature is 2C out, forecast maximum is 4C out, in Brisbane for example.

      As someone who recently got an android device for work, what weather apps would you recommend that uses BOM? I too would never even bother with one that doesn't use BOM as it's source

        @Giuseppe I've never had a problem with the Weather Australia app Has a simple widget and a view of the rainfall radar.

        Pocket Weather!
        great app, by the guys who make pocketcasts

    Yep, Pocket Weather is my pick too

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