New Kogan Agora Is A $199 Quad-Core Android Jelly Bean Phone

New Kogan Agora Is A $199 Quad-Core Android Jelly Bean Phone

In a week where a phone with a top price of $1129 is dominating headlines, Kogan has just started selling a somewhat cheaper alternative: a $199 quad-core Jelly Bean Android model. If nothing else, that reminds us that Android remains utterly dominant in the bargain-price phone space.

After several years trying, Kogan finally entered the Android phone market at the beginning of 2013 with the dual-SIM Android Agora. The new model shares the name, the dual-SIM feature and the 5-inch screen, but has improved specs: a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 4GB memory, an 8MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and a 2000mAh battery.

The phone goes on sale today, but won’t ship until 3 October. The price doesn’t include shipping (expect to pay around $19 for capital city addresses).



  • 4Gb memory?
    I expect that feature to magically drop to 2Gb before the device ships. (Kogan has a history of announcing incredible specs and then changing them before release, particularly in the Agora line)
    If not, then it has the potential to be an absolute beast!

    • Looking at the specs, 4GB memory is used how my mum would refer to it. Its actually 1GB ram and 4GB flash storage with microSD slot (upto 32GB). Considering there are still restrictions about what can and cant be installed on SD card (and its slower than the internal storage), 4GB isn’t enough for me, but i guess the performance probably isn’t good enough either so its moot.

        • Actually i know its not good.

          Most (and all future, as google have stated they dislike it) Nexus devices have no expandable storage, so anything less than 32gig internal storage is next to useless for me unless there is external storage. I have 13gig of music on my iPhone (i will not move to a music from the cloud solution), that’s almost half the usable space gone already. I had 4gig of photos and videos but i had to archive most of them in order to upgrade to iOS7. Now i have 4.5 gig free after the upgrade (needed around 3.5gig to upgrade).

          • Do you even listen to all your 13GB Music? in my iPhone I used to have 14GB photos, I probably only look photos that were there for the past 2 months. I backed them up to my PC.

            Depending on what do you want to use it for, I don’t have much music on my iPhone or Nexus4, mostly just apps like games of photography. so having the external sd card for me is useless coz you can’t even install app yet to that sd card (not from JB 4.3 anyway)

          • In one sitting no, but i like to have all my favorite music on demand, i often get a desire to listen to certain songs (my iTunes library is 50Gb, so 13Gb is considerably cut down, when i tried to make a cd set of my top 40 songs, i ended up with 40 audio cds worth).

            As i said before “Considering there are still restrictions about what can and cant be installed on SD card”, so whilst i would use the sd card for my music, 4gb of storage is not close to enough for apps. GPS software (i have backup offline GPS as a just in case measure, i use it when google maps wont connect to the server) would take up almost 25% of it, i have hundreds of apps on my iPhone so i could probably get away with a 16gb internal with 16 or 32gb SD card.

            And i doubt stock android (or any google sanctioned android phones) ever will allow installing apps to sd since they hate them so much.

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