Modify A Sticky Tape Dispenser To Hold Electrical Tape

Modify A Sticky Tape Dispenser To Hold Electrical Tape

You might not need to use it often, but electrical tape is a pain to work with when you do. To make things a little easier, try dispensing it from a normal sticky tape dispenser.

Instructables user Joe Bass shows you how it's done. The ridged plastic teeth of a standard tape dispenser won't do much to cut off strips of electrical tape, so step one is to attach a razor blade in their place. (Needless to say, you'll want to be careful with the finished product.)

Once that's done, just add a small screw to keep the tape from falling off the reel, and you're good to go. For complete instructions, check out the source link.

Electrical Tape Dispencer [Instructables]


  • Talk about needlessly complex and dangerous solutions to non-existent problems! Who says electrical tape is a pain to work with? If you are using it to wrap a join, then you can break a piece off by pulling it apart (it won’t tear but it will stretch and pull apart). For that use, it doesn’t matter that the edge isn’t a straight cut.
    This thing might be useful if your sole use for electrical tape is to make labels (and you only do this in one spot, since this device looks like a hazardous thing to have in a tool box and you’d be mad to put it in your pocket). Labelling is a use that requires a straight edge, although cutting the tape with sidecutters/scissors/Stanley knife is not especially difficult.

    • Who says electrical tape is a pain to work with

      Beat me to it. In a past life I used it daily. So much so that I would carry three or four on me at a time. It is so simple to work with it’s not funny.

      Any clown who thinks it’s hard to work with probably gets also thinks Gaffer tape and Duct tape are the same thing.

  • What sort of gay, new age, metro-sexual bullshit is this?
    Any real man will tell you that electrical tape is either ripped off or you use your teeth.

    A tape dispenser for electrical tape? Really?
    Go drink a chai latte and instagram some ironic pics on your macbook.

  • Electrical tape is easily ripped with the fingers, it’s all about technique, It’s just like ripping a phonebook in half.. What the hell is wrong with people.

    Having the tape in a dispenser is no good when you are coiling the electrical tape around a bunch of wires

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