Make Measuring Small Distances Easy With A Hole Punched Tape Measure

Make Measuring Small Distances Easy with a Hole Punched Tape Measure

It's not always easy to measure precise distances on the fly with a tape measure. If you want a quick method, Instructables user bfk suggests punching out holes with a hole punch so you can quickly judge distance and make marks.

The idea here is that with the holes punched out in the tape measure you can instantly make a level, precise mark on a wall if you're planning on drilling or nailing something into it. Likewise, it makes it easier to quickly judge short distances.

At a glance, it looks like it would ruin the structural integrity of the tape measure, but bfk says it holds strong. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

East to Make Precision Tape Measure [Instructables]


    Now that is a terrific idea! I will have to pass this one on!

    but bfk says it holds strongYeah... not all tape measures are made equal... Having said that, I like the idea and I have a few Tape Measures, so I think I'll give it a try on one of the old ones.. :)

    As a carpenter this idea sends shivers down my spine.

    I'd also like to point out that this will do nothing to help making 'level' marks. Your marks may be in a straight line, but this line is unlikely to be level.

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