Make A Point-And-Shoot Camera With A Raspberry Pi

Sick of boring old point-and-shoot cameras and want something a little more customisable? Blogger James Wolf shows off how to build your own custom point-and-shoot using a Raspberry Pi.

Using the Raspberry Pi and the Raspberry Pi Camera Board, Wolf manages to put together a very simple point and shoot camera. It’s not exactly the cheapest camera out there, but it’s as functional as you decide to make it since you can customise it however you like. Head over to Wolf’s blog for the full guide to making this for yourself.

Raspberry Pi – Point & Shoot Camera [Contractor Wolf via DIY Photography]


    • 1. For fun.
      2.To learn about electronics.
      3. Because you can.

      My RPi mediacentre is awesome, but there are cheaper commercial options. It got a bit pricier because I bought a case, a VESA mount, a USB hub, WiFi adapter and a keyboard + mouse.

  • Interesting. I consulted Professor Google and people are doing cool project like IR conversions of the camera, hooking them up to telescopes and tying it into Astronomy programs to track the night sky and using Raspberry pis for remote shutter releases. Might have to look at getting one myself now.

  • I made it to see if it was possible, and something like this is ultra hackable. Think of all the possibilities of a camera that can connect to the web, take pics programmatically, and runs Linux. Plus it cost me less than in parts then it would cost to buy a wifi-enabled camera, about $90 total, not including my time. It was a very fun project, and I learned a ton doing it, just imagine what else is possible.

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