Lifehacker Maps: Australian Apple Stores

Lifehacker Maps: Australian Apple Stores

Australia didn’t see its first official Apple store until June 2008 when the George St, Sydney store opened. Fast forward a little more than five years and there are 20 — enough to make it worth putting them on a Lifehacker Map ahead of this week’s new iPhone announcements.

Apple Stores aren’t the only place to purchase Apple gear. You can often buy a Mac cheaper by waiting for a 10 per cent off sale at a rival retailer, and there are plenty of individual Mac dealers who can provide more personalised customer service. For pricier items, ordering online often costs no more and saves the queuing on launch day.

That said, there’s no denying that Apple delivers a retail experience that most people enjoy and that the Genius Bar is the easiest way to organise support (presuming you can score an appointment). Using the store Wi-Fi is also a handy way to download iOS updates.

There are now Apple stores in almost every state (no sign yet for Tasmania or the Northern Territory). Back in 2009, I managed to visit all three open stores across two states in a single day. That journey would take a lot longer now.

Apple has a text-only list of stores on its site; we’ve placed that data on the map below. The grand architecture of the original George Street store is an exception; all the stores bar five (Sydney, Broadway, Bondi, Perth and Adelaide) are located in shopping centres rather than facing the street.