KnowEm Tracks Down All The Sites You’ve Registered A Username

KnowEm Tracks Down All The Sites You’ve Registered A Username

It’s not easy to remember which services you signed up for in the past. If you need a little help tracking them down so you can delete them, Lifehacke reader Mike.Sims recommends using the username search site KnowEm to hunt down your accounts.

We've talked about using KnowEm before to search for username availability, but it's much more useful as a way to search for lost accounts. Just type in your most used usernames, and KnowEm shows you where they're registered. From there, you can go through and delete your old accounts with ease.

If you need even more help finding accounts, we have you covered there as well. Once you track down the sites you have accounts with, you can use a service like AccountKiller to go directly to the account deletion page.



  • This is bad as justdeleteme reported the other day

    This site says “Invalid Name” for services / websites where I know that is what my username is

    • Yeah.. seems like a fairly impossible service.. Not sure how anyone expects such a thing to work well.. You’d be better off googling it yourself – that’s what I did.

    • Sorry, we apologize but our servers were under an immense load yesterday from all the traffic the LifeHacker articles sent us! If there are any sites on KnowEm which are reporting a false positive, just let us know and we’ll look into it.

      We track over 500 social networks and add 20 each month so it’s a lot of work to keep on top of the changes to the username lookups on all these networks. We apologize if any slipped through the cracks!

  • I realise this site is under pressure to produce “hacks” every day, but I wish the staff would actually vet some of things they post about. It would strengthen the illusion of quality.

    • My trick is to look at who it’s from. Thorin Klosowski or Adam Dachis? Ignore it, probably extremely incorrect or obvious “information”, unvetted, possibly geolocked, or just doesn’t actually say anything. Both these “writers” are just content tickers, to keep the content ticking over regardless of, well, anything.

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