Tame Your House Curtains With This Handy Magnet Hack

Looking for a quick and easy way to keep your curtains parted during spring? This magnet-based IKEA hack can help...

Traditional curtain ties can be fiddly and annoying. In a bid to make enjoying the sun's warmth easier, an IKEA Hackers reader came up with a cheap solution using ribbons and magnets.

To make each curtains tie, you'll need a SPONTAN magnet from IKEA ($3.99 for a pack of four), a satin ribbon and SY iron-on fabric tape, plus an iron, tape meter and pair of scissors.

Here's how it's done:

Measure two pieces of satin ribbon, to match the curtain about 30-40cm, then slide the ends through the hole in the SPONTAN magnets, cut two small pieces SY hem band, and iron shortly at the back side next the hole to glue. DONE, no drilling, no sewing.

The end result should look something like this:

Too easy!

[Via IKEA Hackers]


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