Keep A Bed Sheet Where It Belongs With Suspenders

Keep a Bed Sheet Where It Belongs with Suspenders

We move around in bed (for one reason or another), and our sheets don't always stay where we want them. If you don't want to put your sheets back in order every morning, you just need some suspenders to hold them in place.

Redditor sparetire55 came up with this awesome solution:

Step 1: Get some suspenders

Step 2: Put fitted sheet on mattress

Step 3: Attach suspenders under mattress (between boxspring and mattress) to each corner of fitted sheet.

Step 4: Enjoy a good night's rest!

Not a bad hack if you happen to have some old suspenders lying around.

How to keep a cover sheet from slipping off the mattress? [Reddit]


    What would hold my pants up then Mr Dachis?

    Last edited 04/09/13 4:30 pm

      Suspenders? How will my girlfriend hold her stockings up?

    LPT: buy or make fitted sheets.

      Even fitted sheets move all over the place for me. I move around a lot while I sleep, so this is actually a pretty good idea for me.

        have you considered using a slightly larger bed sheet? You could even choose the next size up and tuck the excess in on one side.

          I've tried that and I just end up smothered in layers of sheet. I should just wear a straight jacket to bed, really.

    A rare solution to an even rarer problem.

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