Just Delete Me Is A Massive List Of Links To Close All Your Accounts

Just Delete Me Is a Massive List of Links to Close All Your Accounts

Removing yourself from the internet is not always an easy task, and the biggest problem is tracking down all your online accounts so you can delete them. Just Delete Me is a site that provides you with direct links to doing just that.

Just Delete Me is a list of the most popular web apps and services with links to delete your account from those services. Each one is colour coded — green is easy, yellow is medium, red is difficult, and black is impossible. When you click on a service, you're automatically taken to the page where you can delete your account so you don't have to go searching for it.

Likewise, you can snag the Chrome extension and be taken to the account deletion page right from the URL bar when you're on a site, as well as get up-to-date information about whether an account is easy to delete before you sign up. If you want to keep track of your accounts and delete as many as possible, this is a good place to start.

Just Delete Me [via Slate]


    Would be good if it did a sort of search based on your email address(es) to see where you have accounts that you have perhaps forgotten about so you can re-activate / delete them

      I think that would be illegal. You would have to be accessing other companies servers to pull data out and compare it to the entered value.
      You might be able to get a gmail extension or something that went through and reviewed the emails you had but that would be the best chance you had of something like that

        It could do public information, however I'd hope there isn't much public information about what accounts I have. It wouldn't be that much different to doing a Google search of your email address though.

        What could work however is if you use Gmail or another email provider that saves your emails forever it could be to scan your emails and find out your accounts (based on account activation emails or something similar.)

          It would work well if this hypothetical checking service just sent an email to whoever requests a report on what accounts they have, so that would stop anyone finding out what you have without having access to your email.

      You can sorta use http://namechk.com/ for that, so long as you tend to use the same username for services that you sign up to. Obviously not as accurate as an email address though.

    "the biggest problem is tracking down all your online accounts so you can delete them. Just Delete Me is a site that provides you with direct links to doing just that."

    It doesn't track down your online accounts, it just lists things that people commonly have accounts with and tells you how to delete yourself from them (if possible).

    @jamie_parris and @michael_debyl, I agree.... while this information may be useful, I from the description I though I'd be able to add my email address(es) and have it tell me what I have an account with.

    Interesting to see that it is impossible to leave gizmodo, no turning back when you join up!!

      Yeah - I'm really not a fan of that.

    Pretty useless really because if I could remember all the sites I've subscribed to, I would go to those sites anyway!

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