Jiva Is Now Letting Customers Sign Up

iiNet's 'budget' ISP brand Jiva is accepting customer sign-ups from today. As we've already pointed out, $79 a month for 'unlimited' ADSL2 could sound tempting, but you need to be aware of the restrictions involved with this plan. Depending on your usage habits, a cheaper package may make more sense.

While the mobile rates aren't as prohibitive as we feared, you're still tied to a 24-month contract and have limited support hours. You'll also need to be at a qualifying address with a functioning landline and happy to use Jiva's prescribed router. If you're tempted, hit the Jiva site to check if your address is serviced.



    I've already been with them a couple of days. Any old router will do, don't need to use theres. Although I have one at the post office they sent me. Maybe I'll leave it there and they will return it to sender. So only two paragraphs and two of the four factoids in this article are wrong

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