IT Pros More Likely To Be Hired Than Any Other Profession

Good news for IT workers looking for a job: while the prospects aren't entirely cheering, hiring expectations by Australian employers are higher for IT than for any other sector.

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The latest employment trends report by talent solutions firm Hudson suggests that once again recruitment in IT is outstripping overall hiring plans. Overall, just 20.9 per cent of employers expect to increase headcount, with 65.3 per cent expecting it to remain unchanged and 13.8 per cent expecting to sack people.

Within IT, the figure for increased headcount is 36.0 per cent, up 3 per cent from the last survey. In other words: better off being in IT than in most other areas.


    "IT workers" means an extremely wide and disparate range of professions. Care to narrow this down a little, seeing as no source is provided for the information for us to look at the numbers ourselves?

    Desktop support more than likely, cause some ppl don't know how to turn it off and on again!

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