How To Turn Almost Any Lift Into A One-Stop Express Ride

Having your lift constantly interrupted by additional stops can be incredibly frustrating — especially if you work on the top floor. This cheeky lift hack will send you straight to your destination without stopping.

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According to the guys over at Cool Products & Ideas, the following tip will work on any elevator (it’s apparently designed to speed up police and emergency operations).

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Hold close door button till door closes, keep holding.
  2. Select floor and do not let go of number and close door button till elevator moves.

The lift will now go straight to the selected floor without stopping. Pretty neat hack, eh?

We tried this out on our work lift and it seemed to work fine, although it’s equally possible that nobody was trying to access the lift in-between the first and fourth floors during our tests.

Now, before you start complaining about the counter-productivity of this tip (i.e. — if everyone did it, we’d all be waiting for lifts longer) we freely acknowledge that it’s something that should only be pulled out on rare occasions. Examples include when you’re running really late for work and on misanthropic Mondays when everyone else can go to hell.

It’s also worth noting that most people who wait for the lift beyond the first floor are actually only travelling one or two stops — would it kill them to take the stairs instead of holding everyone else up? (Disabled people are an obvious exception, which is why we said to use the tip on rare occasions.)

Anyway, we’re keen to see how much luck you have with this intriguing lift hack: try it out in your own work/apartment building and report back in the comments section below!

[Via: Cool Products & Ideas]

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