How Spotify Can Land You A Hot Date

‘Sub-Spotifying’ is a new social networking phenomena that involves people forming meaningful relationships via the Spotify tracks they choose to share on Facebook. It’s like a hideously complicated version of giving your would-be sweetheart a mix-tape — but with a creepy element of real-time surveillance thrown into the mix.

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Spotify is a music streaming service that allows users to see what music other people on their friend’s list are listening to in real time. According to a Business Insider report, this has given rise to Sub-Spotifying, which sees people forming stronger bonds through a like-minded appreciation of music.

The fact that the other user can see what tracks you are listening to also adds an element of voyeurism/exhibitionism to proceedings. For example, if you play an album that someone recommended to you, they will be notified on their Facebook feed the moment you start listening.

BI gives the example of Erin and Andrew who started following each other on Spotify after a few weeks of social networking flirtation:

“Yesterday morning I saw he was actively listening to music,” Erin explained. The last time they went out Andrew suggested she listen to a particular band, so Erin chose to take that opportunity to play the album on Spotify, when there was a chance Andrew may notice her activity. He did.
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“We G-chatted about it and then we made plans for this weekend, but I felt like a ruse. Like, here’s one more game we can all play to get someone’s attention so we can avoid making the first move.”

And here we thought Facebook integration was just a cynical marketing tool designed to ensnare more users.

[Via Business Insider Australia]

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