How Much Time Does Your Morning Routine Take?

How Much Time Does Your Morning Routine Take?

Some of us are morning people, and some of us are most definitely not, but we all have our routines. Whether you have a precise morning ritual or just stumble through those early minutes hoping you remember everything, we’re curious how long it takes.

You may look forward to mornings or you may dread them. Sure, part of that might depend on whether you’re a night owl or whether you have kids to shepherd through their morning hours. Regardless, your morning routine can make a big difference in how the rest of your day goes. We’ve shown you the top 10 ways you can upgrade your morning routine. We’ve also talked about everything from how to brush your teeth to about a thousand different ways to make sure that first cup of coffee is the best it can be.

So, how about you? What’s your morning routine like? Share it with us in the comments.


  • Out the door in less than 30 minutes clothes on, bowl of Muslie for breakfast, grinding, tamping and extracting and then drinking an espresso and brushing teeth.
    To speed up the process, I shower at night, and make lunch at work with food stored at work.

  • Get up, shower + brush teeth, get dressed, out the door. 15-20 minutes max depending on how long I am in the shower.

  • alarm goes off at 6.16, hit the snooze button until 6.46.
    then its get up, get dressed, brush teeth & get out the door. all in 8-10 minutes.

  • About 60 mins, which includes shower and making lunch etc, but that is by choice, as I really don’t like being rushed in the morning…

  • Shower and shave the night before. Up at 6:30. Get dressed and make that all important mocha for the hour commute to work. Bonus Tuesday and Thursday mocha at the bakery with a delicious apple scroll for breaky.

  • 5:30am alarm, 2 minutes to get dressed for run, run 14 minutes, shower 5 minutes, get dressed 2 minutes, feed dogs 1 minute, make coffee, toast, eat, 20 minutes, 3 minutes brush teeth. Leave by 6:40am.

  • out of bed @ 4am, first aero press 4:15, get dressed and leave by 4:30, arrive at work at 5:30am ready to start my day after another aero press.

  • Wake up at 7:00, get ready in 45 minutes which includes, shower, shave, dry and do hair (teenager, you know how it is) and have breakfast. I leave the house at 8:15 to get to school at 8:30

  • Wake up, set to snooze for another 10-15 min, nap to trick brain its got one over me, then get up, chuck on gym clothes, down a glass of warm water – sometimes with a slice of lemon and 1/4 tsp of honey, gym for 45-50 min, shower, dress, head out. All in all, this usually means I wake up fairly early – but bonus is that you get heaps of energy and more done in the day. Plus I prep all my stuff the night before so its just grab and go. I eat out most days, pack my food on other days. I don’t like big lunches, makes me sleepy and less productive.

  • It takes me about an hour – up at 7am, breakfast, clothed, hygiene, etc. by 7:20, and then procrastinating not wanting to head to work for about 40 minutes.

    • That’s the thing – the procrastination is the thing that just swallows up time like nothing. Strangely, time seems to draaaaag on when its time to get down to business.

  • 1 hour for me, but that’s because I like to wake up right.. No sense in rushing. One of my pet hates is people that show up complaining they aren’t awake yet, or too sleepy to work so they sit there reading emails for an hour..

  • I can be up and ready well within half an hour of the alarm, however if I find I don’t give myself plenty of times I end up leaving things behind – mostly security passes, wallet, tie, keys, I’ve even walked out the door a few times in suit and slippers, not realising until I was half way to the bus stop.

    So for me, alarm at 6am, listen to news for 5 minutes (Note: ABC seems to be the only station that can get anything even remotely resembling consistency for the timing of their news reports so that’s what I wake up to), shower and stuff takes until 6:20ish, then surf the ‘net and kill time until 7:00am-7:30am.

    The more time I give myself doing nothing, the less likely I am to leave things behind. that I’ll need for the day. It’s the only method I’ve tried that has worked for me.

  • Uggh – I hate mornings. I take ages to fall asleep at night so only get about 4-5hrs sleep each night.
    Alarm goes off at 6.30, 5 snoozes and 45 mins later I finally get up.
    Shower including teeth brushing, 10 mins – 5 standing there like a zombie and 5 actually showering.
    Getting dressed – 10 mins – 5 to get dressed, 5 to sit on the end of bed putting socks on and playing with the dog.
    10 mins make coffee and leave.
    So in all 75 mins for the morning routine and only 20 mins of that is actually productive.
    Still takes another hour and coffee or so to fully wake up – then I am good to go till midnight again.

  • 6 hrs sleep. 6:20 snooze. 6:40 get up. 10 minute shower, 10 mins in bathroom/doing hair, 10 mins makeup, 15 mins breakfast (microwave oats and a coffee). 10 minutes getting dressed/packing bag. 10 minute walk (fast, I usually just make it) to the station (brisk, I usually just make it). I loathe waking up, am very much a night owl. Ideally like to take the time to read the news/loaf around for 10/15 minutes.

  • Up at 5.35, get dressed and have toast for breakky, walk to rowing, until 7.30-8ish, eat 2nd breakfast (i’m a hobbit) shower, get dressed and be out the door for school by 8.45 at the latest. Sometimes my hair is still wet though…

  • Dirty fuckers who only shower the night before. It takes less than 10 minutes ffs.
    I am up and out of the door within 15 minutes, or 25 if I have an espresso before I leave.

    Even if I cycle the 15km into work I will have a shower before the ride and another once I get to work.

  • Up at 6ish, go for a run or a class at the gym, home by 7ish – shower, pack breakfast and lunch for work (I prefer to eat a little later), random household chores, blow dry hair, walk to work (5mins) and arrive between 8 and 8:30am.

  • Uugh, I HATE mornings and like to get up as late as possible. It takes me about an hour to get to work so I prepare everything the night before, including laying out my clothes. That way, I literally just get up, get dressed, run my fingers through my hair to make it presentable (or give up and throw it in a bun), grab my food and go, takes me about 10 minutes. I eat breakfast when I get to work as I feel too gross first thing in the morning to eat.

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