Hide Your Printer In A Desk Drawer Or Filing Cabinet

Hide Your Printer in a Desk Drawer or File Cabinet

Whether you use your printer every day or once a year, it can be a space-hogging eyesore. If you have room in a nearby drawer or filing cabinet, this simple mod can keep it out of sight.

I don't know about you, but everything in my office seems to have a place except for my printer, which always ends up on the floor, crammed onto a shelf somewhere, or disconnected in the cupboard. This DIY mod is pretty clever: just take out the sides of a deep drawer and stick your printer in there instead.

Smart Storage in a Kitchen Remodel [HGTV Remodels via Carrie @ {P.F.I.}]


    Given how heavy some printers can be, I can't help but wonder how well the filing cabinet will hold up

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