Get Unstuck With Advice And Tips

Get Unstuck With Advice And Tips

Unstuck is an app that helps you to unjam yourself when you’re procrastinating, but its also a community and ongoing blog that dispenses productivity advice.

It's been two years since Melanie Pinola first reviewed Unstuck for iOS, and if anything the app just gets better and better.

Unstuck has had a number of updates since we last recommended it, and it's won two Webby awards and an Appy award in the past year.

The idea behind it is simple: when you are procrastinating, or have reached a point in a current project where you don't feel you can move any further, you open Unstuck and start working through it's tools to identify the cause and try some possible fixes. I've found it invaluable since I started using it. Unstuck is free, but it's designed only for iOS. The latest iteration of the app lets you save up to ten stuck moments, compared to the original five, and it has an easy registration and sign in process.

Beyond the app itself, however, the Unstuck blog (and the associated weekly newsletter) is definitely worth keeping an eye on because it takes problems and solutions from people like you and me, who have an issue that they want help on or have found a solution for. Each newsletter features some stuck moments and some responses from people who have had similar issues and worked their way through them.


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