Facebook's Standing Desk Workspace

We're fans of standing desks here at Lifehacker, and it turns out social networking behemoth Facebook is too. Engineers working there can opt to use a standing desk (it's a fancy electronic model rather like the one Elly tested earlier this year).

That's just one of the revelations in a tour of Facebook's New York headquarters that's up at business Insider. Check out the whole post for more pictures, including the fancy iPad sign-in for visitors that uses (surprise) Facebook profiles.

INSIDE FACEBOOK: Take A Tour Through The Social Network's New York City Headquarters [Business Insider]


    A standing desk is good, but staying stationary for hours on end sucks! You need to walk around a bit or have a sit every now and then.

    I have a standing desk and love it! I got the stand steady because it can hold two monitors http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E0ODMB6

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