Evernote Web Clipper Adds Markup Tools, New Clipping Options

Evernote Web Clipper Adds Markup Tools, New Clipping Options

Chrome: Evernote’s web clipping extension for Chrome just added a bunch of neat new features. As well as two new ways to clip web pages to notes, you can share your clips with others, and, most interestingly, annotate pages when you clip them.

The markup tool, as you might imagine, offers similar features to the company’s screenshot tool, Skitch (which is one of our favourites). The clipper will take a screenshot of the current section of the page and then you can add arrows, stamps, text, and lines to your heart’s content.

The two new clipping options are called Bookmark and Simplified Article. Bookmark grabs a snippet of the page for the note and includes the URL. Simplified Article strips the page of distracting elements, such as navigation menus and ads, so you can save the page as a clean note. (This is also a great new addition. I was using the company’s Clearly extension to do this and then saving to Evernote, but this is quicker.)

Finally, the Share button saves your note and provides a URL to a version of it on Evernote.com. You can send that link via email and social media.

All of this is wrapped up in a slick, redesigned panel which slides out from the right side of your browser.

Hit up the link below to learn more or download the new extension.

Evernote Web Clipper [Evernote]


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