DynamoDB Local Enables Offline AWS Development

DynamoDB Local Enables Offline AWS Development

Using cloud-based services without an internet connection is challenging; developing them doubly so. But it’s not impossible, as Amazon’s newly-released DynamoDB Local tool demonstrates.

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DynamoDB Local is a client-side database which you can connect to when developing applications for AWS’ DynamoDB platform. That lets you test an app offline, then make it live on the cloud with no changes needed other than pointing to the correct DynamoDB endpoint.

Running as a Java executable (for JRE 7), it’s a free download. Hit the AWS blog post for more details and to download the software.

DynamoDB Local for Desktop Development [AWS Blog]


  • The really surprising thing is this hasn’t been available sooner.. Good way to make money for amazon I guess – hit the hard working dev’s the hardest.

    Good to see it finally rectified.

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