Drive By Potential New Homes At Night Before Signing The Contract

Drive By Potential Homes and Apartments at Night Before Signing

When you're in the market for a new house or apartment, chances are you only visit the property during the day with a real estate agent. Before you sign the paperwork, drive by on your own at night to get a feel for the area.

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Popping in at night might help reveal any boisterous neighbours, streetlights directed into your building's windows, and give you a general idea about the neighbourhood's safety and parking situation. It's no substitute for actually living there for a few weeks, but you may find some red flags that could put you into a bad housing situation.

LPT: When house/apartment hunting, drive by at night. [Reddit]


    Doesn't everyone do this?

    Also - check it out at rush hours and see what the traffic flow/noise is like. And if you are going to check it out at night, make it Friday or Saturday nights around your (or kids) bed time. ... also good if it is a cool night because that is when sound travels further.

      Yeah, I have to confess to doing this - I always do a basic reconnaissance of an area before living in it, though I tend to use Thursday night, as it's payday for a lot of people and I can understand people letting off some steam on Fri/Sat nights.

      For me, red flags are properties that have a lot of vehicles parked outside them, and neighbourhoods that have a high percentage of dogs.
      Then again, I have the luxury of renting and not being tied down to one place, so if I don't like the area, I can easily move.

        It's interesting that you view renting as a luxury when most people would consider living in your own home as the luxury, instead of a landlords house. I rent too so it was a refreshing perspective to read, and like you said, a bad neighbourhood is easy to leave when you are a renter ;)

      Yeh.. I was going to say the same...

      You go over on a weekday, during the afternoon school rush hours (take time off if you have to.. house purchases are a big decision).. check out the noise etc.. go get a bit to eat and come back..

      Then do the same on a Saturday..

      Also if there is a event place nearby, like a football stadium for example, go when there is an event on and see how the sound transfers etc..

    The point about getting a feel for the parking situation is a good one. During the day people obviously all head off to work, so it's only by visiting at night that you might discover a shortage of on-street parking, and that can be a real annoyance!

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