Don’t Spend Your Qantas Frequent Flyer Points On A Spotify Subscription

Don’t Spend Your Qantas Frequent Flyer Points On  A Spotify Subscription

Here’s a new way to spend your Qantas Frequent Flyer points: on Spotify. We don’t recommend it though, as it’s a poor-value deal.

Qantas is offering three options in its online store:

  • a three-month account, normally $35.97, for 4900 points;
  • a six-month account, normally $71.94, for 9700 points
  • a 12-month account, normally $143.88, for 19250 points

Let’s break down simply why this is a bad deal. 16000 points scores a return economy class Qantas flight from Melbourne to Sydney. At its absolute cheapest, that will cost you around $160, but that relies on scoring on on-sale fare. With peak hour flights, those flights could cost $500 or more.

Getting $500 of value for 16000 points makes much more sense than scoring $144-odd worth of value for 19250 points. Our advice? Save your points for when you need to make a last-minute flight (or have to fly at expensive times) and either buy your Spotify access directly or use the ad-supported free version.

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  • As far as direct cash options go the conversion rate is on a par with the Big W and Woolworths gift cards. 6750 is $50 Big W gift card and 7250 is $50 Woolworths or WISH card. The Big W card works out to be 135 points per $1 value. Using the Spotify figures above, 4900 points is worth $36.30, close enough to the conversion above of $35.97. The Woolworths cards work out at 145 points per $1 value. 4900 points on this conversion is $33.79, still very close to the $35.97 value. The other subscription terms work out at a similar conversion rate.

    There are many QFF members out there who never fly and would happily take gift cards or subscriptions like those mentioned above.

    If you fly, then the flights option is a good idea, however, I think it should be noted that there are cash fees on top of the 16000 points. It is also extremely hard to get exactly what some members want when they try to convert their points to free seats.

  • I subscribe to the auto giftcards. Everytime I have enough QFF points, I get a $5 Woolworths gift card in the mail

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