Do You Track Your Children’s Location?

Do You Track Your Children’s Location?

Being a parent is kind of scary. Having kids that are out on their own or, worse yet, start driving is even scarier.

Part of you wants to let them have their privacy and part of you wants to know everywhere they go. So how about you?

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  • You know, in this day and age, if a parent set up tracking on their childs phone, couldn’t the child just fake their location? I mean, if this method of parenting is employed, it’s sure to spark rebellion

  • My kids are still young (the oldest is 10), but every time they go away on camp or for a sleepover we give them an iPhone and use FindMyiPhone to track them.

    No rebellion yet – they like being able to contact us as much as we like being able to track and contact them. All that might all change in 3-4 years, however…

  • I think it’s important to assure them it’s for their safety and for their own good. I think rebellion becomes an issue when the tracking is forced upon them and unexplained to them.

  • I have no problem with this at all, and even more to the point, I wouldn’t tell my kids that I could track them. After all, I don’t want them all ditching their phones at a friends house whilst they go to a warehouse rave, because they know they can be tracked.

    Here’s where it gets stupid – the parents that track their kids, and then challenge them when they can see they’re not at Mary Sue’s place, but the Sailors Tavern.
    In that situation, it’s the parents that need to grow the fuck up, not the kids, because It should be used for safety reasons, not compliance.
    With all power comes responsibility, and this includes having a disciplined and mature approach to keeping an eye on your children, as well as knowing when to be discreet.

    Privacy comes a very distant second to safety, which is pretty much the same thinking behind the whole NSA brouhaha lately, but at the end of the day, the children are my responsibility and as a parent, it is both my duty and obligation to know where my children are at any given time.

    The suggestion that privacy overrules safety is one of the silliest arguments I’ve ever heard.

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