DisplayFusion Pro Adds Monitor Splitting And Mouse Control, Is 25% Off

DisplayFusion Pro Adds Monitor Splitting and Mouse Control, Is 25% Off

Windows: DisplayFusion Pro, our favourite utility for powering up your multi-monitor setup, updated to version 5.1 this week with a bunch of handy new features. Plus, it's 25 p34 d3n5 off right now.

The new version has a lot of new features, but highlights include:

  • Monitor Splitting for creating smaller, virtual monitors out of your large monitors (in the Monitor Configuration window)
  • Circular mouse wrapping (cursor wraps from one edge back to the opposite edge)
  • Prevent mouse cursor from snagging on unaligned monitor edges
  • Scroll whatever window is under the cursor using the mouse wheel (Settings > Window Management)
  • Toggle Window Snapping
  • Frame Windows 8 Metro Application (creates a window for the Metro app and allows you to use it on the normal desktop) (much like previously mentionedModernMix)

...and a lot more, in addition to its many existing features we already know and love. Check out the full changelog for details, and head over to DisplayFusion's site to download a single licence for $US18.75, 25 per cent off its normal price of $US25.

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    "Plus, it’s 25 p34 d3n5 off right now."

    I'm not sure how much that is, but it's sure to be great!

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