Dealhacker: Get A 15% Bonus On Virgin Frequent Flyer Points This October

Next month, Virgin will be offering a 15 percent reduction in the number of frequent flyer points needed to claim a free seat on any Virgin Australia flight. You can also score an additional 15 percent worth of points when you transfer your credit card points to the Velocity program.

From 1 October, Virgin Australia will be reducing the number of Velocity points needed to claim a free plane seat by 15 percent. The deal is valid for any Virgin Australia flight but does not extend to its partner airlines.

In addition, if you transfer your credit card points to Virgin Australia's Velocity program in the month of October, you'll get a 15 percent bonus. (All of Virgin's banking partners will be taking part in the deal).

This isn't a particularly earth-shattering deal — Virgin has been offering similar bonus discounts on CC point transfers and reward bookings off-an-on for a while now — but if you have a bunch of Virgin frequent flyer points you're looking to use, October is the month to do it.

The 15% bonus promotions kick off on 1 October and ends on 1 November.

[Via Australian Business Traveler]


    Is it just me or does something about 'virgin frequent flyer' sound a bit contradictory? xD

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