Dealhacker: Score Three Free KFC Wicked Wings By Pretending To Be A Tradie

Dealhacker: Score Three Free KFC Wicked Wings By Pretending To Be A Tradie

Today is National Tradies Day. To help commemorate the occasion, KFC is offering tradesmen three free wicked wings with any burger combo. However, it appears that you don’t actually have to be a tradie to collect your chicken wings.

“To celebrate National Tradies Day we’re giving all tradies 3 FREE wicked wings with any burger combo,” KFC explained on its Facebook page. “Just ask for the Wicked Tradie Combo when you order in-store today only!”

Several Facebook users inquired as to whether the deal was limited to tradesman, and if so, what kind of proof was required? KFC’s playful reply was as follows: “Hard hat, high vis, work boots, tool belt, mud on the face, sweat on the face. All great signs that you’re a tradie!”

We rang up a handful of KFC stores and asked whether customers needed to show any documentation. With the exception of one George street outlet in Sydney (which didn’t even realise the deal was on) they all said no proof is actually required. Huzzah!

It’s also worth noting that the Facebook promotion includes no terms or conditions whatsoever which would make it somewhat difficult to refuse service.

Mind you, the deal itself isn’t really anything to get too excited about: you’re essentially spending around $10 to save yourself $2.95. Still, if you’re planning on KFC for dinner, you might as well get some free wicked wings thrown in.

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    • George St/Town Hall Sydney also refused it at first. Showed them the facebook post, suddenly they were experts in the conditions of a promotion they hadn’t even heard of 30 seconds ago. Doesn’t apply to Ultimate Box (so I can’t pay $2 more to get 3 more wicked wings, I have to buy the cheaper one? Yep), only applies once (so if I buy 4 burger combos I only get the 3 wings? I’d have to line up 4 times to get the 12 wings? Yep), etc.. eventually instead of honoring the promo to include 12 extra wicked wings for around $60 in sales, we went to the nearby Nandos instead (and spent around $85). Never realised how good Nandos was before then, so thankyou to the incompetent short-sighted imbeciles at KFC who opened my eyes to a better alternative and have ensured my previously regular KFC “Fat Friday” runs are now Nando’s runs.

  • Well I’m feeling a bit underappreciated… Where’s ‘National Software Developers Day’ and the free food that should apparently come with it?

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