Chrome App Launcher Comes To The Mac, Runs Chrome Apps From Your Dock

Chrome App Launcher Comes to the Mac, Runs Chrome Apps from Your Dock

Mac: Chrome's new app launcher, which has been available on Windows since July, is now available on the Mac. With it, you can launch Chrome apps directly from your dock via a popup menu.

If you haven't seen Chrome's app launcher before, it's very simple: it sits in your dock and when you click on it, you can launch any of your favourite webapps and Chrome apps. You can set each app to open as a regular tab, as a pinned tab, or as a maximised window. To enable the launcher, make sure you're on the Dev or Beta channel and hit the link below to try it out.

Update: Reader Peter Marcano discovered that the app launcher is available in the stable channel, too! Just head to chrome://flags and enable "App Launcher OSX App Bundle." Thanks, Peter!

Chrome Launcher [Google via OMG! Chrome!]


    Anyone else having trouble getting this thing? I just get directed to the web store, and then what?

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