Chirp Sends Photos And Links Between Devices Using Sound

Chirp Sends Photos and Links Between Devices Using Sound

Android/iOS: Despite modern advancements in file transfer technology, transmitting pictures or links between two devices is still a pain. Chirp makes it as easy as listening to a two-second sound clip.

Chirp allows users to send pictures, notes and links to each other without having to designate an email address, pair via Bluetooth or anything else. It simply generates a short audio clip that any device nearby can pick up if it has the app open. While it's not good for secure transfers, per se, it's handy if you want to send files to multiple people at once.

Chirp [iTunes App Store] Chirp [Google Play Store via MakeUseOf]


    This thing doesn't do what you might think it does. It doesn't transfer the *file* using sound, it uploads it the file to Chirp's server, then sends the short URL via the chirp sound. Both parties need a working Internet connection etc to transfer files.

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