CareerPath Suggests The Next Job You Might Take

CareerPath Suggests The Next Job You Might Take

Windows 8: Not sure which job you should take next to reach your eventual career goal? CareerPath analyses the career histories of other people who have had that job and shows you likely paths to progress to your eventual goal.

The app draws on data from talent management firm PageUp People. While it’s designed to sell the company’s paid CareerPath service, you can draw interesting insights from it without using that.

Type in a job role and you can see other roles people who worked in that position took, and how long they took to get there. Worth checking out if you’re contemplating a career switch. It’s Windows 8 only; search for it in the Windows Store.


  • Why makes something like this an app, as opposed to a HTML5 web page?

    Surely the company responsible want as many people to try this as possible? If this was a link, I would’ve clicked it and checked it out. I’m much less inclined to download an app just to try this, and I think most people would be, too..? And limiting it just to Windows 8 users further reduces the size of the audience…

    • I agree with everything you’ve said. I would have checked this out as well if it was a web page, but there’s no way I’m going to the trouble of downloading it (if I had Windows 8, that is). It would have been interesting if done correctly and in a way that reaches more people, but considering how it’s been done instead, it’s actually quite pointless.

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