Briefly: Turn Your Old Phone Into An LG G2, GTA V Playing Tips, Protein Shakes Compared

Briefly: Turn Your Old Phone Into An LG G2, GTA V Playing Tips, Protein Shakes Compared

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: LG launches G2 Emulator app, essential playing tips for Grand Theft Auto V, protein drink showdown.

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  • LG today launched a G2 emmulator app that lets you try out some of the flagship phone's new features on your current Android device. The emulator is free and comes with a step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the features. The actual G2 handset, meanwhile, will be launching in Australia sometime in November.
  • Gizmnodo's Australian Adventure Rides series is still going strong -- today, Luke Hopewell checked out a Power Board; a motorised surfboard with an inbuilt propellor stashed inside one of the fins. Click here to see the Powerboard in action.
  • Adidas is currently offering 40 percent off a huge range of its products, including shoes, clothing and accessories. Head to its online store to check out some of the deals. [Via OzBargain]
  • Earlier today, we pointed out a few cheap GTA V deals that we'd spotted online. But for those who already own the game, here are some comprehensive playing tips from the gaming experts at Kotaku. Go forth and cause mayhem!
  • PopSugar Health & Fitness has cast eight popular protein drinks under the microscope. See which one comes out on top in terms of sugars, fat and calories.


  • Unless you’re a professional who needs to fine-tune their body-sculpting to Hollywood actor levels of precision, comparisons on protein shakes are usually pretty pointless. Go whey or go home, and most importantly, does it taste good so you can put up with slamming it down on a regular basis? I’d ask for taste-test articles, but that’s sooo subjective. (Pretty good bet that more sugars = better taste, though.)

    • Well put – additionally, most of the research I’ve done suggests that 95% of whey protein used in supplements all comes from the same factories in Asia on a wholesale basis before being flavoured, etc anyway. The actual protein “quality” would almost universally be the same, so you’d just be choosing on taste, carb content and other additives.

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