Briefly: DC Comics Anti-Gay Controversy, 10% Off Macs, What’s In Your Pee?

Briefly: DC Comics Anti-Gay Controversy, 10% Off Macs, What’s In Your Pee?

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Creative team leave Batwoman comic, get 10 percent off Apple Macs from JB Hi-Fi scientists discover what’s inside urine after seven years of research.

  • There are some things in life you should never pay full price for . Chief among these are Apple products which regularly receive 10 percent discounts from multiple retailers. This week, it’s JB Hi-Fi’s turn — the deal is available until 9th September but excludes iPads and built to order models.
  • Have you ever wondered what’s inside your pee? Well, wonder no longer. After seven years of research, scientists in Canada have unveiled over 3000 different chemical compounds in human urine. If this sort of thing appeals to you, you may also like our Placenta pizza and booger-eating stories. (Our sincere apologies to everyone else.)
  • Usually when a technology vendor attempts to manufacture a viral video, the results are pretty woeful. But this recent attempt by LG for its new 4K TV range is pretty hilarious. Watch as job interviewees are duped into thinking the world is ending by a 4K TV disguised as a window. It’s almost certainly staged (could you imagine the lawsuits for emtional distress?) but still made us giggle.
  • The co-authors of the DC comic book Batwoman have exited the company over implied claims of homophobia. The writing duo J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman claimed that the company had been stifling their creative choices — including prohibiting them from ever letting the titular heroine get married (the character of Batwoman is openly gay). You can read the rest of the story over at Hollywood Reporter.


  • Batwoman is gay? Egad, I’m out of touch.
    Green Lantern, empowered having his finger in a ring, is gay too? Words fail me.

  • sa_penguin you must be out of touch, this isn’t like the often assumed love connection between Batman and Robin. Batwoman is and her alter ego Katherine Kane are out and proud.

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