Briefly: Apple Offers Breaking Bad Refunds, 40% Off At Bonds, GTA V — You Know, For Kids!

Briefly: Apple Offers Breaking Bad Refunds, 40% Off At Bonds, GTA V — You Know, For Kids!

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Get 40 percent off everything at Bonds, health bar calorie showdown, how too many children are playing Grand Theft Auto V.

  • Despite being advertised on iTunes as the fifth and final season, Breaking Bad isn’t quite over just yet — and some fans are miffed at the misconception. In a bid to make amends, Apple is rolling out store credit refunds to customers who mistakenly thought they’d purchased the series’ finale. [Via Fat Duck Tech]
  • A veteran video game retailer has written an open letter to parents in which he blasts them for buying Grand Theft Auto V for their kids. “Last week my store sold over a thousand copies of GTA V, at least a hundred of which were sold to parents for children who could barely even see over my counter,” the disgruntled retailer admits. “I just ask that you look at the box, ask an associate for guidance, or just be more involved.” You can read the rest of his diatribe over at Kotaku.
  • If your socks and undies are getting a bit holey and/or smelly, it’s probably time to stock up on some new pairs. As part of its mid-season sale, Bonds is currently offering 40 percent off everything in store (with the exception of sale items and gift cards). The deal includes free shipping Australia-wide. [Via OzBagain]
  • Fast Track to Business Success is a three-part ebook series that claims to offer breakthrough techniques for managing innovation, projects, people, and business performance. We haven’t read the books, but if you’re interested, you can currently get the bundled edition free from Amazon.
  • Last week, PopSugar Health & Fitness compared the nutritional information of 10 popular fruit juice brands. This week, it’s Health Food Bars. Click here to find out which brands have the most sugar and calories. Your waistline demands it.


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