Are You Planning To Buy A New iPhone?

Apple's new iPhone 5s and 5c models hit the streets of Australia next week. Are you tempted to buy one?

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If you're rocking an older iPhone model, either the 5c or the 5s could be a welcome upgrade, especially if you're not tied to a contract. If you're on an iPhone 5, it might be less tempting, since you'll score iOS 7 anyway. And of course plenty of people are perfectly happy on a different phone platform. So we want to know:


    My current iPhone is my last. Apple needs to do more in my mind. I am more excited about IOS7 than new hardware.

    No, I'll be replacing my current iPhone with a Galaxy Note III.

      What about the HTC One Maxx, better interface (touch wiz is like nails on a blackboard)

      I moved from iPhone 4 to Note 2. Best phone decision ever! You quickly get used to the size and appreciate the real estate. Touch wiz is not so bad and I don't use the stylus much. But note 2 is a good phone and Note 3 seems to be even better! 4K video ftw.

    I'm perfectly happy with the iOS infrastructure, so I don't see myself changing away from that. There's nothing my current iPhone 4 can't do that some other Android phone does. I have absolutely nothing against Android phones and I think it's a great platform / infrastructure I just don't have any need to change.

    However, my i4 (stock 4 16GB, not 4S) is getting a bit long in the tooth. There are devices I have that aren't compatible with it (i.e. exclusively use Bluetooth LE) and it's rapidly running out of memory. It's been 2 iterations since I got it (4S, 5) which makes it 3 years old, I feel fine upgrading at this point.

    Hell no.... and I will be advising all my friends to go and get a HTC one, an Nexus 5 or if it come out here a Moto X.

    And I'm the IT guy that my mates ask for what to get (laptop, computers, tablets, phones ect...)

    Apple have lost there edge and its rather disappointing.

      What exactly did you expect Apple to announce?

      Why give it a "hell no"?

      I really like the flagship Android phones and I also like the iPhone. Each have their own pros and cons. Why is it that you are so against the iPhone but you would definitely get a range of different Android phones?

    I'm happy with my Lumia 920, haven't had an iPhone since my 3gs, and have no plans on going back to the Apple camp any time soon.

    I purchased my iPhone 4 outright within a week of launch, and have had it for 3 years (cost of how many days of use) so I'm contemplating the 5s not really keen of the 5c its the black face of the phone that I don't like, should of given a white option also.

    However I use amaysim for cheap calls and therefore have to consider an outright purchase (unfortunately due to being unemployed my money is extremely tight at the moment) so I would need to see your Planhacker topic to find a cost effect way to get the phone.


    Where is the "I want a new phone but it won't be an iPhone" option? It seems a valid option given the changing phone world in the past few months (plus more to come before Christmas)

    Just about finished paying off my iPhone 4S and looking forward to getting a 5S. If Apple have ironed out the iPhone 5 bugs as well as they did the iPhone 4 when the 4S came out, then this is just the new phone I am looking for.

    My 4S is about to go off-contract and I think the battery meter is dying (going from 16% to 0% instantly, only to be back to 14% once you plug it in), so I don't see why not getting a 5s. Like B-ob said, I generally like iOS and its infrastructure (ie I have purchased a few shows through iTunes + my library is already in iTunes) so I see no reason to change.
    (For the record a have an Andriod tablet but my preference is iOS, though I'm no Apple fanboy)

    To think I used to LOVE my iPhone 3G. If someone had told me that in 2014, the most exciting thing about iPhones is that they come in different colours, I wouldn't have believed you.

    I've since owned a Galaxy S2, HTC One XL and I currently have a Nexus 4 and 7. Android, for me at least, is a much better OS.

      What is the difference between a Nexus 4 and the iPhone 5s ?

      You do realise they are almost identical operating systems? Yes you can customise Android and add widgets and stuff, but it's still generally the same design.

        Not a fair match to compare a Nexus 4 released 10 months ago to an iPhone released in 9 days time.

          It makes no difference. Android and iOS have stayed the same design since their mainstream release. Sure they have added features over time but it's generally the same layout.

    The only reason I'm buying the ip5S on launch day is because my 3 year old ip4 is 3 years old. Updates to OS, apps etc all slow it down to the point it's regularly a little frustrating to use (though not yet as bad as the ip3 was after the iOS update 6-12 months prior to the ip4 release - I can't remember the version number). The battery doesn't work like it used to either.

    Basically I'd like a phone that lasts all day again (up to and sometimes over 2 days as my ip4 did when I first got it), and doesn't come to a crawling halt if I'm playing music/podcasts in the background.

    New features? Meh. New look? Meh. More speed & new battery are my sole reasons.

    Can't decide whether to get a 5S or a Lumia 1020

    I'll be getting myself a Nokia 301 in the very near future. Standby time bliss.

    No, I work with hundreds of IOS devices every day. From that experience alone I will never buy one

    I just pre-ordered the 32Gb Lumia 1020 for $849 for the 41megapixel camera primarily.
    The 32gb 5s is $999 and 'low cost' 32bg 5c is $869 (ouch). I'm happy with my choice.

    Well, I've had a (work supplied) iPhone 3GS since new (don't own a personal mobile). Battery life is starting to suffer a bit and it needs to be charged at least once a day. That being said, I've never had a problem with it. The camera is a bit crap, though. Work have had a new phone in the budget for me for about 2 years, but I couldn't see the justification in upgrading just because my 3GS was running a little slow. I work for a university, so I don't want to waste taxpayers money on pointless upgrades. That being said, the battery is starting to flake out on my 3GS, so I will be ordering a 5c at launch. Given the price difference between the 5c and 5s, there's no real saving to getting the 5c when I expect the new phone to last me another 4 years like my 3GS has. I'm a bit of a fumble-fingers OS will be buying an OtterBox out of my own pocket.

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