Apple Now Lets You Download Apps Compatible With Older iOS Devices

Apple Now Lets You Download Apps Compatible with Older iOS Devices

iOS: Good news for anyone who owns an older iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and hasn't been able to run the latest apps. The App Store now offers the option to download the "last compatible version" for your device.

The change was noted by Reddit user justinbeiberispoop, who said that he was offered this option when trying to install Instagram on a 2nd-generation iPod touch.

So even if the current version of an app doesn't work with your ageing device, you might be able to install one that does work and breathe more life into that old hardware.

People with old iOS devices: You can now install the last compatible version of an app that works on your device! [Reddit via Engadget]


    WooHoo, just tried it an sure enough it works.
    I got TraktorDJ after it upgraded and need more power then the iPad1 could handle.

    But now I can put it on my old iPad1 and give it some more life.

    Good. I had tried to update some old apps on my iPad 1 - and got stuck in a no-man's land with apps that couldn't update, but couldn't be used either.

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