Here's A Massive List Of Stuff You Can Ask Siri To Do In iOS 7

Here's a Massive List of Stuff You Can Ask Siri to Do in iOS 7

Siri got a lot of improvements in iOS 7 and a bunch of new features as well. Now, you can ask it all sorts of things, from launching apps to getting sports scores. Redditor Cheeziz_Chrust put together a list of pretty much everything you can ask Siri these days.

The list includes some common questions, like the time, sending a text or getting directions. In fact, Siri has all kinds of new tricks up its robotic sleeves these days. You can now ask for specific sports scores, the weather, how many calories are in food, to turn on specific settings, make a note and plenty more. My favourite? Have Siri search your mail for you with a query like "Show email about dinosaurs". Cheeziz_Chrust's list doesn't include everything, but it's a pretty good place to start.

Everything you can ask Siri in iOS 7 [Reddit]


    Yet she knows nothing about Australian sports....

    It's been listed as available since day 1 (

    Got a slightly smaller list for OZ?

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