ALDI Mobile Imposes Tight Daily Data Limits

OK, this is ominous. ALDI Mobile has imposed daily download limits on its users, which is exactly the same thing that happened with Kogan Mobile not long before that service had to shut up shop last month after its wholesaler ispONE went broke.

Fat Duck Tech points out that the ALDI Mobile reasonable use policy has been updated, meaning customers who use more than 1GB of data in a day can potentially be dumped. If you purchase a 2GB data add-on, you're also liable if you use more than 400MB a day within any three days over a 30-day period. Ouch.

ALDI Mobile also used ispONE, but unlike Kogan Mobile managed to negotiate a new direct wholesale deal with Telstra which allowed it to continue operating. The new conditions (which presumably reflect new contract conditions) might make it a substantially less attractive offer if you're a moderate data user.

That said, as we pointed out when Kogan Mobile started experiencing issues, one of the big advantages of prepaid is that you can switch whenever you like. If you do want a cheaper prepaid deal, there are plenty of alternatives with less restrictive data policies.

AldiMobile adds daily data limits [Fat Duck Tech]


    wont make any difference. who can download 1gb a day when it takes 5min to open each page

    can't understand this page, you're explaining Aldi possible downfall, then advertising them on the main page !!!
    Aldi Mobile is unable to supply new sim cards at the moment and have been out of stock for two weeks now, I have a Aldi prepaid but as my phone got stolen in Italy and I have credit on my account and I want to clear the messages on the phone, I want a new sim, but there are none to get, how useless is a mobile phone company with no sim cards.
    As useless as their customer service, sent three e requests got no assistance, have sent a complaints email 9 days ago and still no reply. You can't get thru on the phone and no one knows when they will have new sims. Wouldn't use them again, just want to use my credit up as they won't even give me a refund. Avoid Aldi molbile at all costs, its not wotrth the hassle, Amaysim is much better and very reasonable pricing plans.

    ehhm, have you used aldi mobile? its pretty damn quick, not sure what "site" you would be opening that takes 5 minutes, maybe fact check first before you make broad statements next time...

    @lgrobach - I agree, I'm on Aldi/Telstra and its super quick most of the time. I ported from a Telstra $129 business plan to the $35 unlimited and it's exactly the same service/speed for me. I'm a heavy data user around 600MB on a big day and without much video streaming. I use up my 5GB and then buy 2GB bolt-ons until the end of my month. Doing this is still cheaper than $129 Telstra plan which only comes with 3GB

    In all honesty, I use my PC/laptop to do browsing, & my phone to make phone calls.

    So in the end, I couldn't care 1 lick if they took all my data.....I never use more than 100 minutes of talk time on any given day, so it sits fine with me, & knowing I still have a long way till I'm silenced is all I care about.

    So, using a phone as it was intended, all I can do is laugh at you poor souls being so harshly treated, when for $35.00 a month you should be tickled pink for what you have instead of whinging like spoiled children!

    Last edited 22/09/13 12:35 pm

    Also noticed they removed the $10 credit bonus page when you recharge the $35 bolt-on. This makes it not so sexy anymore.

    Here's the latest: as of today, the 5GB inclusion in the $35 bolt-on has dropped to 2.5. And apparently, according to the agent on the phone (although I find this hard to believe), you can't add the 2GB data pack until the end of the 30 days, meaning you must use PAYG credit if you exceed 2.5GB. I expect the case really is that you can add it on top of the $35 whenever you like, once every 15 days as per their updated site.

    Before you get an Aldi plan consider this. They charge data in minimum 1MB blocks with a nasty habit of connecting and disconnecting each time data is sent or received. So each time your phone does some background checks (ie. for updates, synchronizing, MMS, etc) it connects then disconnects and you are charged for at least 1MB each time, even though each one of these checks would be less than 15kb. So if you phone is on standby and you don't use it, on average you will be charged around $1.50 per day ($45/month) for data, even though your phone has probably only metered around 1-3 MB of data traffic (this amount should only be worth 15 cents). You could of course disable data on your phone, but that comes with associated problems, ie. you won't receive MMSs.
    Poor show Aldi.

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