Advance Your Tech Career In One Simple Step

Advance Your Tech Career In One Simple Step

Everyone wants to get ahead in their career, but no self-respecting geek has time to work through a thirty-point checklist. Check out three pieces of advice you should ignore and the one key strategy you need to adopt — then download the full guide for free.

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Fallacy #1: You should follow your passion

Do you have a mission statement for your career? Do you really know where you want to be 15 years from now? Ten? Five? Next year? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Me either. It’s unrealistic. In technology, things change too fast.

Fallacy #2: Develop your skills

OK, this is unhelpful because we’d prefer to do this and nothing else. We geeks are very comfortable with the idea of developing our skills. We love learning new technologies, piling up credentials and playing different project roles. When geeks talk about career development, we focus almost exclusively on skill development. Unfortunately, skill growth doesn’t necessarily lead to career development. We just like to think it will because we love learning.

Fallacy #3: Grow your network

Of all the common advice, this one may be the most inappropriate for us. We tend to be introverts. Merely the idea of attending events with hordes of people that I don’t know and have no reason to meet other than a vague sense that they might be helpful in the future sounds like torture to me. Even the less mercenary version of seeking to meet random people with the intention of being helpful to them gives me the horrors.

So what’s the key strategy?

Think less about yourself and more about the people around you


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